Welcome to ELLRA

The Early Language Learning Research Association (ELLRA) is an international association which seeks to federate and further research into early language learning.

ELLRA welcomes colleagues around the world who are interested in, or involved with, researching the learning of two or more languages by children from 2 to 12 years old, as well as the teaching of additional languages to these age groups.

ELLRA’s focal age ranges

  • What is our main research interest?
    Children’s language learning in formal educational contexts.
  • Which age ranges do we research?
    Kindergarten / pre-primary (2-5/6 years); primary (6-12 years).
  • Why this focus?
    The growth in formal language learning provision has raced ahead of research findings. We aim to catch up rapidly!

Reasons to join ELLRA

  1. Connect with like-minded colleagues around the world and be inspired to contribute to early language learning.
  2. Join the vibrant ELLRA community of researchers who prioritize innovation and further study in early language learning.
  3. Share your empirical inquiries with colleagues and learn from their groundbreaking research.

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